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  • Lives and works in London.

    A child of the 80s, Pref grew up in the world of underground culture: skateboard under his arm and hip hop in his ears. At 11, he discovered graffiti in the pages of Spraycan Art. The magazine gave him the codes for reading and creating the lettering he saw every day through the windows of his school bus.
    In the 90s, Pref took the plunge and began to put his own lettering on the streets and trains of London.
    He quickly found his universe, and his identity through the typographic optical illusions. Playing with volumes, shapes and colours. Pref’s trompe l’oeil changed the general public’s view of graffiti.

    “ Graffiti is paradoxical, on the one hand, it is something creative, but on the other hand, there are predefined rules that dictate how your work looks. In my opinion, these rules and ideas must be broken and subverted. ”

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