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  • Illustration de ROLECS Born in Paris, 1979, is a self-taught artist, he uses Paris as his open-plan playground.

    Graffiti is his passion, writing is his brand, codes can be followed, Rolecs, Rolex or Roleks, in the street, the underground, above and below, art has no limits. Travelling allowed him to discover other cultures and broaden his techniques and his universe. In early 2000 he joined UVTPK, using the various European rail networks to develop his style, he joined the London collective DDS in 2004 and then moved to New York in 2008 where he built up a network including the now famous RFC and LO LIFES. His painting is instilled with the history of the famous crews he has been part of, promoting the colour of a world whose peaceful values he wants to defend for future generations.

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