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  • Illustration de Nasty

    BORN IN 1975 – Lives and works in Paris

    When, in 1988, his mother gave him a book on graffiti, it was a light bulb moment. The young, 13-year-old Nasty jumped onto the carriages of the Paris metro. In 1990, he joined the AEC collective (Artists on the run) while gearing himself towards marketing studies. Despite recognition as an advertiser, he gradually abandoned his work to devote himself full-time to graffiti.
    His simple lettering in acid colours is a direct reference to the New York urban scene of the 1980s.
    Flooding the Paris cityscape, Nasty is one of the founding fathers of the movement to make graffiti a legitimate art form in the world of contemporary art.
    His cubicle at Molitor is an example of ‘audience participation’. During a live Instagram feed, people were able to observe Nasty use calligraphy to write the first names suggested to the artists by the participants as the evening progressed.

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