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  • Molitor is launching sports massages based on 5 sports: 


    These massages have been created entirely by our teams, in collaboration with a high-level sports ambassador. These great athletes with their outstanding record of achievements have followed, advised, helped and challenged us to make these massages a true time for recovery and relaxation. Each treatment takes its cue from the precise movements of the sport and focuses on specifically requested chains and muscle groups, depending on the sport practiced.  

    Swimmer’s massage by Camille Lacourt

    This treatment targets the shoulders because of the extreme stress placed on the joints during the crawl, butterfly and breast strokes, and also on the neck muscles, knees and lumbar region. 

    Jogger’s massage by Muriel Hurtis

    This treatment targets the lower body, the arch of the foot and also the lumbar area and the trapezius muscle, which undergoes great stress in this sports discipline. 

    Tennis-players massage by Julien Benneteau

    This treatment targets the lower limbs (glutes, adductors, hamstrings and quadriceps) the neck muscles, lumbar vertebrae as well as the shoulders and wrists. 

    Golfer’s massage by Alain Boghossian

    This treatment targets the upper body as well as the forearm flexors and the spine, which is particularly impacted during the golf swing. 

    Boxer’s massage by Sarah Ourahmoune

    This treatment targets the muscles of the trunk and the upper body, because of repeated movements in hyper-extension, lower limbs, wrists and arms.

    Price: 150€ on weekend - 160€ on saturday and sunday.
    Inscription directly to the Spa reception.

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